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Liz Loomis

Liz Loomis combines 20+ years of experience in strategic communications, earned and social media, campaigns and government to achieve the desired outcomes for her clients. She founded Liz Loomis Public Affairs (LLPA) in 2002 to offer strategic communication services for local governments providing vital public services. 
Loomis moved to Washington State in 1995.  She came from Washington, DC where she gained experience working for fundraising and political consulting firms. She also spent time on Capitol Hill as a special assistant to a former U.S. Senator from New Jersey.
While in Washington State, Loomis managed the successful election campaigns of a Snohomish County executive and a lieutenant governor.  She then spent two legislative sessions working in strategic communications for a trade association in Olympia, Wash. 
As a former city councilmember, mayor and state representative, Loomis’s knowledge of voter opinion is actively sought after by organizations dependent on tax revenue. Her firm has helped pass more than 100 bond, levy and merger measures in the past 15 years. She also provides crisis communication services, helping clients message difficult news to their communities. 
Loomis’s client list includes hospital, school and fire districts, and cities, as well as trade associations at the state and regional levels.  She is a regional and national keynote speaker on improving communications with taxpayers, how to win ballot measures, public relations, and crisis communication issues.

A.J. Chippendale

A.J. Chippendale joined LLPA in 2003 with a background in advertising and account coordination. A.J. specializes in managing production, design, social and owned media for clients. Prior to joining LLPA, she worked in New York City as an account manager for Chavin Lambert Advertising. A.J. is a proud graduate of Washington State University (Go, Cougs!) with a B.A. degree in communications and advertising. She is an active community volunteer, donating her time and experience to several organizations, including the Arlington Education Foundation and Rotary.

Jessica Sparks

Jessica has 20 years of experience writing and developing informative and engaging content. She began her career has a reporter/editor-in-chief of a newspaper, covering local government. After 10 years in journalism, she went on to create and produce content for a variety of businesses, most recently working in internal communications and partnering with CEOs and company leaders to develop impactful and inspiring communications that drive the alignment of business goals and company culture. She is passionate about helping clients achieve their communication objectives and cares deeply about the common good and supporting vital public services.

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